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◎ Joy Rendering and Space Decorated - Full-Joy ◎

Leading manufacturer of fashion layout supplies. Expand domestic layout business market.
Innovative film heat sealing cut-off technology. Advanced equipment and fully developed products.

Full-Joy Products – Globally Exclusive
Nationally Leading Layout Product Manufacturer
Nationally Professional Layout Product Designer
Hold all types of indoor and outdoor events for major domestic and international well-known companies. Customer exclusive layout product design and manufacture.
Design, print, manufacture event themed or trademark plastic advertising banners, banner strings, various styles of windmills.
Engineering department direct line to provide customer consultation or product assembling instruction for all series of Full-Joy products.
Provide indoor and outdoor event layout supplies for kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and universities across country.
Product Distribution Channels: “Advertising and Marketing Company”, “Venue Layout”, “Balloon Layout”, “Banner Gift Shop”, “Stationery Store”.
Domestic Major Enterprises Customers:
Formosa-Optical RT-MART TK3C
Toyota Carrefour Taiwan Mobile
TATUNG 3C Yamaha A.S.O
Presotea Formosa FAREASTONE
AURORA Smile Universal Eyeglasses
Kymco CPC Corporation, Taiwan Watsons
CPC Corporation, Taiwan Watsons  

Dynamic Colorful Creativity – Windmill Legend

More eye-catching and creative than large inflatable arches or large balloon arches. Giant cross-layer windmill arch shows vividly and eye-catching.
Full-Joy layout team is based on its professional strength of layout to bring event atmosphere to the highest and promote advertising effectiveness to the best.

Windmill Legend - Layout Team
National Windmill Layout Expert / Nationally Exclusive Windmill Layout Designer

◎School graduation; student blessings. Windmill arch tunnel: symbols smooth path in the future. Colored arch tunnel: symbols a bright future.
◎Hold a variety of indoor and outdoor events for school anniversaries, agencies, associations, company openings, promotions, or advertising events.
◎Large-scale event and venue; large windmill landscape layout; windmill flowers; with themes, a complete windmill style planning.
◎Large windmill entrance hall walls; large cross-layer arch windmills, giant windmill decorated archways; windmill arch tunnels.
◎Full-Joy colored style arches; medium cross-layer colored arches, colored arch tunnels, colored light arches at night.
◎Indoor and outdoor decorative banner strings; half circle banners; various series of windmill layout - electric type, ground type, string type, wall type.

TEL : +886-6-2903579  FAX : +886-6-2698509
Engineering TEL : +886-6-2694065
E-mail : taiwan@full-joy.com.tw