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Full-Joy Layout Series and Windmill Legend Products: Balls, ribbons, banners, pennants, multi nation flags, windmills, windmill strings, electric windmills, windmill arches, colored arches, and etc. Products can be seen in various domestic and international events, and each product has been devoted a lot of efforts from design, materials, quality control to packaging. In addition, based on our professional strength and credibility, we have worked seriously in the industry globally for more than Thirty years.
The reason that we can continue to grow is because we have exclusively advanced high-tech production equipment, excellent mechanics, graphic designers, and professional staff in various departments responsible for developing and manufacturing various innovated, sophisticated, theme-atmosphere event layout products for customer special needs and market trends.
In recent years, as we commit to promoting innovation, we also concern about global carbon reduction. Therefore, on our product development and design, we pay attention on repeated use with taking environmental and economic benefits into account. We believe that by efforts of all our staff, our products will be able to bring our customers to be full level of joy.

1983 - Develop and manufacture the world's first film straight sealing; honeycomb-shaped red ball used for opening congratulation and happy event.
1986 - R&D film straight sealing automatic production equipment. Manufacture red balls and all kinds of layout related products.
1987 - R&D multi-color film straight sealing automatic color film switching equipment. Manufacture vertical striped balls and related products.
1989 - R&D film vertical and horizontal sync sealing automatic production equipment. Manufacture horizontal striped balls and related products.
1993 - Add film color printing equipment. Manufacture banners, banner strings, and film related product printings.
1995 - R&D film vertical, horizontal, oblique striped sync sealing automatic production equipment. Manufacture three-dimensional ribbons and related products.
1996 - R&D film printing and film sealing integrated equipment to manufacture American colored balls, banners and related products.
1997 - Add plastic plate and sheet assembling products, such as windmills, colored dragons, plaque banners, and etc.
2000 - Add complete plastic plate and sheet production equipment. Extend and develop plastic sheet products used in layout.
2003 - Develop and design arch related products and other arch related applications.
2005 - Design the world's first complex structure windmills. Sunflower windmill series; phantom windmill products.
2008 - Develop electric windmills and the related application components. Used for interior decoration, event, or stage layout.
2009 - Integrated marketing for brand operation and planning. Be renamed “K&G LAYOUT PRODUCTS CO., LTD.”
2013 - Completion of constant temperature cross sealing equipment in Taiwan. Continue to innovate and develop industrial technology.

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